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Graphic Designer

Here is an example of the social media post style for the brand alongside the illustrative style.

As the final outcome of the project, I produced a pitch deck that acts as a branding guideline for the identity of Erudio. Above you can see the main slide in this pitch deck.


In this project I attempted to create brand identity for a fictional company that focuses on human sustainability;  I chose the company aim to encourage “continuing (informally, outside of ‘education’) to learn new things as an adult.”. I wanted to focus specifically on how I could bring philosophy, which is all about the pursuit of knowledge, to an audience that had little knowledge in this area.


Self Defined Project



Erudio, which means “I educate/cultivate/enlighten”, (coming from the word erudite) is the name of my brand, which aims to make continuing learning (philosophy) informally, and as an adult, interesting to 24-32 year olds who do not currently engage with it. 


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